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Be All There

When it comes to being in the moment, I’m the worst. I find myself zoning out, not listening to what those around me are saying, completely out of the conversation. I blame a lot of this on my tendency to worry, giving into the voice that tells me everything is crashing down. Now, the Bible is EXTREMELY clear that we are not to worry, … Read More Be All There


5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter isn’t always a wonderland. Here are 5 ways I beat the seasonal blues.


3 Books You HAVE to Read this Fall

I have been in such a reading mood lately, I swear I’m going through at least a book a week and I’ve practically lived inside of Barnes and Noble (surviving solely on artichoke chicken flatbreads from the Starbuck Café inside). Through my adventures, I have found some GREAT books and some complete time wasters. Here, my friends, are three that you just have to … Read More 3 Books You HAVE to Read this Fall


Pure Barre: a Former Dancer’s Dream

Hey y’all! It’s been a while, but I wanted to hop in real quick and share something I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been taking barre at Pure Barre, and you guys, I’m obsessed. I danced for 18 years, and LOVED ballet class and all of the strength that came from it. Pure Barre is like ballet with a twist. They play upbeat music, use … Read More Pure Barre: a Former Dancer’s Dream


5 Amazon Buys to DEFINITELY Get Before a Cruise

… Or any other vacation, really. These are a few of the things I got before we went on our cruise in September, and they were lifesavers! These items are affiliate linked, but only because I loved using them that much! A fanny pack like this one  – SoJourner Bags Fanny Pack – Tribal Boho Hippy Woven Eco Style (Blue & Red)! I have no … Read More 5 Amazon Buys to DEFINITELY Get Before a Cruise


5 Little Things that I’m Thankful For

There’s a lot to be thankful for in this life. Some big, some small, and some overlooked. Today, I’m thankful for these few little things that make the days better.  1. Mac & cheese from Cafe Eclectic. Y’all, seriously, it’s so good. My day was pretty drab but I just had some for lunch so I had to put this in here. 2. Sunshiny … Read More 5 Little Things that I’m Thankful For



There was a point in time when I didn’t feel anything. There wasn’t hurt or anger, no love or happiness. I just existed. I’ve never been the person to think about suicide, but, I was empty. Void of emotions. I didn’t really want to exist, but at the same time, I was afraid of what “not existing” would mean.The only thing that gave me … Read More Alive. 


But First…. Things I Want to Do Before Kids & Why Our Plans Don’t Always Work Out 

Don’t get me wrong, I adore children. I have always wanted kids. But I don’t want kids right now.  When I was in my early years of college, I wanted to be married and have my first child by the time I was 25. I’m 24 and my birthday is in January, so I’ll let you do the math there. Story short: that ain’t … Read More But First…. Things I Want to Do Before Kids & Why Our Plans Don’t Always Work Out 


Mayans and Margaritas in Cozumel 

Our last stop on our adventure was in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Y’all, I have fallen in love. This is the day I had been waiting for, we had an excursion planned to go see a small Mayan ruins site (San Gervasio) and a trip to a beach. We hopped off the boat onto a long pier, which was surrounded by gorgeous views, and … Read More Mayans and Margaritas in Cozumel 

Jamaican Me Crazy

…. Literally.  First stop on our Western Caribbean cruise was the gorgeous island of Jamaica. Looking out over the island from the 12th Deck gym was awe inspiring. Mountains, trees, houses, and beautiful waters.  We had no plans for Jamaica. Hop off the boat and explore. We ended up at this place called the Hip Strip where there’s a Margaritaville and some shops. Y’all. … Read More Jamaican Me Crazy