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5 Little Things that I’m Thankful For

There’s a lot to be thankful for in this life. Some big, some small, and some overlooked. Today, I’m thankful for these few little things that make the days better.  1. Mac & cheese from Cafe Eclectic. Y’all, seriously, it’s so good. My day was pretty drab but I just had some for lunch so I had to put this in here. 2. Sunshiny … Read More 5 Little Things that I’m Thankful For


The House That Love Built

Y’all, how wonderful is our Lord?! As some of you know, I graduated from the UofM in December with little hope of finding a job that had anything to do with my degree.  Well, fast forward, and this week marks three months I have spent at the Ronald McDonald House here in Memphis. Last week, we wrapped up C.A.M.P. Wishing Well, which was full … Read More The House That Love Built

Memphis Is Music

A local musician has poured his struggles and past into a new EP to be released in the next few months in hopes of reaching those with similar problems. While most would keep their struggles a secret, 21-year-old Phillip Pierce of Memphis has used them as fuel for his new EP, Heartfelt. He used his battle with alcohol, drugs, and losing his friends and … Read More Memphis Is Music

Top 10 Reasons Memphis is Wonderful

10. The people. Sure, we have crime, but what big city doesn’t? The people in Memphis are interesting. A trip to the grocery store can turn into a two hour conversation with a stranger about their time in the service or their new dog. Memphis is home to about as many different people as there are in the rest of the world. You have … Read More Top 10 Reasons Memphis is Wonderful