I Wear Make Up, And That’s Okay.

Lately, I've come across way too many of the "take her swimming on the first date" memes. I've also seen many posts by women saying things like "I don't have to highlight and contour because I'm not ugly," and I feel like once again, we need to set the record straight. Women do not wear make [...]


And On the Eighth Day, God Made Dry Shampoo

So, as most of you precious souls that follow me know, I am currently on a hair journey I have never been on before: the journey from black to blonde. Ash blonde, to be exact. And, if you've been on this journey before, you know how difficult that journey may be. So far, I have [...]

Woah, Did I Just Say I Liked a Drugstore Foundation?!

So let's start by saying I HATE drugstore foundation, with the exception of NYX (because almost everything they make is brilliant). I have lived my adult-ish years believing that since I have oily, acne-prone, awful skin, I HAVE to pay an arm, a leg, my soul, and half a month's rent to get a foundation [...]