Aye. It’s me, Marley, the girl behind this blog. I’m thrilled that your here (and that you clicked off the main page to read about me, how sweet)! I’m a recent college grad (holla, University of Memphis) and the Program and Volunteer Assistant at Ronald McDonald House Charities Memphis. I aspire to be a blogger, wedding planner, and dog mom to all the puppies that need homes.

I love Memphis, basketball, music, dogs, adventures, working out, and food. Especially food.


Moderation Policy

Now, to some serious stuff! I strive to create a happy space, but realize that we all have opinions, and engaging in conversation is awesome. I love to read your comments, and am open to feedback and constructive criticism! However, I will not tolerate racism, sexism, derogatory comments, obscene material, or harmful words. You can use whatever words you want to, just please use them politely and in a respectable manner. Please remember, I am a human, as are the others who will comment on these posts. If you wouldn’t say something to my face in front of your grandmother, please don’t say it here. I hold ultimate discretion on what stays or goes. If I feel like a comment is inappropriate, I have the right to remove it. I will not, however, remove a comment just because I disagree with it. I welcome different opinions. I welcome open-mindedness. I do not, however, welcome rudeness. So keep it classy, keep it positive, and keep it real!


Pics of me (all the pretty, not-iphone ones) are all done by Kasey Turner Photography. She’s the best, and is on Facebook and Instagram.

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