The Do’s and Don’t’s of Wedding Planning

Plot twist: Do whatever you want, sister.

Now, stay with me here, tradition is important. The rings. The witnesses. The celebration. But other things, such as what to do with registry info, whether to go with a gourmet meal or pizza and hot wings, throwing out the cake for a ton of key lime pies, or not allowing children, are 110% up to you.

I am telling you now. It does not matter what your mother or your grandmother or your great aunt Beatrice think you HAVE to do. You only are obligated to do what you, the couple in question getting married, want to do. You want a nacho cheese fountain and an endless margarita bar? Do that. Want a Spotify playlist put together by friends instead of a DJ? Do that. Want to put your registry info on your save the dates and invitations so friends and family out of town can find it easily? DO THAT.

It’s YOUR day. YOUR wedding. YOUR last time to get to be selfish before entering into a world where everything is 50/50. Pick the colors you want and the music you want and the food you want. Don’t feel obligated to spend money on those little return envelopes and cards, let your guests shoot you a text or email.

I know some people are going to read this and think “Bless your heart, Marley, you just don’t know?” *Que the deep south type*

And you know what? You’re right. I’m not married. I’m not engaged. But I do see so many friends of mine panic over what people will think. I see the true meaning of the day get lost behind all of the details and trying to make everyone else happy.

Honey, it’s your wedding. It’s your day to be happy. Plan a day as unique and fabulous as you are. True fam will be there supporting no matter what. Don’t make yourself go grey over things that won’t matter once it’s over. You’ll have kids in the future that will do that well enough on their own.


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