5 Amazon Buys to DEFINITELY Get Before a Cruise

… Or any other vacation, really. These are a few of the things I got before we went on our cruise in September, and they were lifesavers! These items are affiliate linked, but only because I loved using them that much!

  1. A fanny pack like this one  – SoJourner Bags Fanny Pack – Tribal Boho Hippy Woven Eco Style (Blue & Red)! I have no idea why these ever went out of style, but whether we were exploring Mayan ruins or exploring the Carnival Dream, this little thing came in handy. Not having to worry about carrying a purse or backpack made the trip much more stress-free.

2. A waterproof phone pouch like this one! It helps keep your phone safe from splashes, drink spills, and is a great place to keep your room key/ID/Carnival Sail and Sign card! Not to mention, it’s only $5.99 for a 4 pack!

3. These cute wedge sandals! Okay, so this really isn’t a cruise or vacation necessity, BUT when you have to dress fancy for dinner and also want to look cute in the nightclub, these are your go-to shoes. They are just the right height and so unbelievably comfortable. Now, I wear them to work at least 3 days a week. I have a tan pair, and their only $19!

4. These lenses for your phone camera. These are an awesome quality and come with a clip to hook onto the fanny pack I showed you earlier! They make a world of a difference when taking pictures of nature, selfies, and really anything else. I do recommend using these on a bare phone or a thin case, they don’t do well if you have a thick case. But some of my pictures look like professionals, and these little bad boys did all of the work. You can get them for $23!

5. And finally, Sea-Bands. Y’all, I get carsick after 15 minutes of riding, so you could imagine what I would be like on a cruise ship. I didn’t want to spend the whole trip knocked out from taking dramamine, and I didn’t want to trust a patch to stick to my head in the 90 degree heat. These things look like thick hair ties (or small sweatbands, but not that bad) and use pressure points on each wrist to relieve motion sickness (and morning sickness, and many other types of nausea). THEY WORK HOLY CRAP. The only time I felt sick was when I took them off to shower. I am so impressed. I will keep these in my purse for the rest of my life. Get them on Amazon for about $13!


And there you have it! 5 Amazon steals that saved my booty while on the high seas. Get it booty? Like pirates? No? Okay fine, see ya next time!


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