The House That Love Built

Y’all, how wonderful is our Lord?! As some of you know, I graduated from the UofM in December with little hope of finding a job that had anything to do with my degree. 

Well, fast forward, and this week marks three months I have spent at the Ronald McDonald House here in Memphis. Last week, we wrapped up C.A.M.P. Wishing Well, which was full of tie dye and messy science experiments. 

Years ago, when I changed my major from pre-med to whatever the heck it was after that, I lost hope of ever getting the chance to work with cancer patients. So naturally, I am beyond blessed at this opportunity. 

I won’t lie, though. It’s hard. It’s very hard. I find myself wanting to trade places with them. They’re just kids, they have their whole life ahead of them, why instead of playing with their friends at school and riding bikes are they spending every day in the hospital? It took me a few weeks to realize one simple thing: children are resilient. And I mean absolutely resilient. 

The things these little ones and teens go through is something I couldn’t imagine. But everyday, they come downstairs, with a smile and a “good morning!” and a visit to the candy bowl, and head out the door to St. Jude. They play, laugh, joke, and just live. If it wasn’t for the little bald heads, ports, masks, and wheelchairs, you’d never know by their spirit that they were ill. 

Something about kids, so full of hope and a cute innocence, makes waking up and going to work every morning worth it. If they can get up every day with a positive attitude despite what they’re going through, than certain lily I can make it through the day despite not getting any sleep last night. 

This is the house that love built. And the house that love sustains. And there’s nothing else in the world quite like it. 


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