And On the Eighth Day, God Made Dry Shampoo

So, as most of you precious souls that follow me know, I am currently on a hair journey I have never been on before: the journey from black to blonde. Ash blonde, to be exact. And, if you’ve been on this journey before, you know how difficult that journey may be.

So far, I have used a combination of hair color remover (One ‘N Only Color Fix), bleach (L’Oreal Paris Feria), toner (Wella Color Charm Toner in T18), and packets of Ardell’s Red Gold Corrector Plus) along with lots of purple shampoo (Ion). Apparently, my hair wants to hold on to the gold. These products have done wonders on removing the awful brassy tones, yet the golden blonde remains. Pretty? Yes. What I’m looking for? Not quite.

The day after I tone and dye, it looks perfect. Exactly what I’m going for. The day after that? The golden tint is back. But alas, I have found an easy solution: DRY. SHAMPOO. You guys, this stuff works wonders. No time for a shower? Dry shampoo. Need a little extra oomph of volume? Dry shampoo. Boyfriend break up with you? Dry shampoo. Okay, that last one was a stretch, but this stuff really is the most versatile hair product you could buy.

Dry shampoo, to put it simply, is aerosol baby powder. If you’ve ever sprayed normal, un-colored kind on dark hair, you know what it does. It never fails to leave behind a grey, dusty color. BUT WAIT…. If we want golden blonde to look ashy, that’s exactly what we need, right? RIGHT! In between colors, on the days you’re extra-gold, a little bit of dry shampoo after you style can add grey, ash tones. Quick. Easy. And another reason we LOVE dry shampoo.


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