Woah, Did I Just Say I Liked a Drugstore Foundation?!

So let’s start by saying I HATE drugstore foundation, with the exception of NYX (because almost everything they make is brilliant). I have lived my adult-ish years believing that since I have oily, acne-prone, awful skin, I HAVE to pay an arm, a leg, my soul, and half a month’s rent to get a foundation that will stick with me throughout the day and not look like a goopy plastic mask.

I am here today to tell you, I was incredibly wrong. Recently, in a bit of a money crunch, I purchased a foundation I had used years ago in high school when I didn’t know what “moisturizer” or “primer” were. I have recently been switching between MAC’s Studio Sculpt foundation (the cream one in the compact) and Sephora’s Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation. Recently, my beloved MAC foundation has been sliding off, caking to dry patches, and just not looking as good as it has been the last few months. So, I set out to find a drugstore replacement for days when I don’t want to use my name brand products.

Now to the good stuff, years ago, I used CoverGirl’s Simply Ageless (the wrinkle-reducer one in the glass container with the compact sponge on top…. stay with me here..) because I had left my makeup at home on a trip and it’s what my mom had with her.


I loved it at first, but it just didn’t stay on and looked so bad after a few hours. I decided to give it another try, since I have become a fan of cream foundations recently. OH MY GOSH. You guys, I use a Rimmel primer, this foundation (that has Olay in it, so I don’t use a separate moisturizer because of my oily skin), and Kat Von D Lock n’ Load setting spray, and when I tell you I barely have to touch it up during the day, I mean I can go from 9 a.m. to well after 10 p.m. with just an oil blotter or two and the occasional powder touch up. With the right primer for your skin, this foundation goes on so smooth and even, is easily buildable for trouble areas, without being too cakey, and on my areas that aren’t broken out (recently, I’ve broken out on my cheeks, but my nose and surrounding area have stayed perfectly clear), it looks absolutely flawless. On my areas that are broken out, I use some concealer and this covers them wonderfully (sure, you can still see the bumps, but it covers the redness better than anything else I’ve used). And, most importantly, it hasn’t made my break-out worse. If anything, my skin is starting to calm down after using this foundation and a new skin care system I found from Say Yes to Tomatos (a funny little brand you can find at Target).


So, if you’re in the market for a good, quick, and easy drugstore dupe (or more like replacement, considering how much better it is) for MAC Studio Sculpt, I would HIGHLY recommend CoverGirl’s Simply Ageless wrinkle-reducer foundation. It’s incredibly guys, seriously.

Got any other drugstore foundations you love? Drop it in the comments!



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