Summing up Southern Bride

If I said I wasn’t upset to be leaving SB, I would be lying. That office has become like a home for me this semester. The wonderful women that work there will forever be a family to me. There is not a single thing I would change about my time there, except to make it longer.

They took me under their wing and taught me so much. I have never considered magazine publication as a field I would like to go into, but I fell in love. They taught me about advertising, marketing, social media, the process of putting together a magazine, and helped me improve my writing skills. Southern Bride truly invested time into me to help make me a better journalist. I have many articles published on their blog, and my name will be in the issue that will hit stands later this month. People don’t lie when they say you never get tired of seeing your name in a by-line.

If you are looking for or considering an internship, go for it. Apply, even when you don’t think you’ll get it. Most importantly, network. I cannot stress that enough. The opportunities I have been given are all a result of networking. I worked with Scottie for about a year, and come to find out she was the one in charge of hiring interns. Next semester, I will be at Make-A-Wish, and their volunteer coordinator is a close friend and past co-worker of mine. You never know who you are coming in contact with, they actually may be your future boss.

The best thing I will take away from SB is the confidence that I can do this, I can be a journalist, I do have what it takes. I also have insight into an entire industry I never thought much about, aside from my own eventual wedding.


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