(Chinese) New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been a supporter of New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s be honest, we do not need the number at the end of a date to change in order to better ourselves.

Sitting in the car yesterday, I realized it was Ash Wednesday. CRAP. That means Lent. That means giving up something I love (worship, in a way) for 40 days. To be honest, it kind of sucks. But that’s the point.

At first, I thought about giving up fast food and all drinks except for lovely Memphis water. Then, my best friend in Chattanooga texted me wanting me to start a new, healthy lifestyle with her. So, instead of giving it up for Lent, I am giving it up completely. Healthy meals and water and exercise from here on out! (That’s a different post for a different day, I’ll let y’all know how it goes).

Since Schae spoiled my Lent plan, I had to come up with something else. I looked around me, then down at my hand. “Social media controls my life…” As I came to this realization, I felt embarrassed. I had become a person I told myself I would never be. During any free time, while standing in line, etc., I was constantly scrolling through twitter, switching over to instagram, and them back to twitter. I was more aware of what was happening on the screen of my iPhone than I was of what was going on around me. I didn’t even see the little old man with the Vietnam Vet cap on in front of me playing with his grandson, or the lady a few feet away wearing a Delta Gamma sweatshirt from a different state. I was so focused on looking at pictures of Justin Timberlake on IG that I didn’t even realize N*SYNC was playing over the speakers in the store I was in.

That was it. I immediately deleted both apps from my phone. Keeping Facebook for family and Delta Gamma and WordPress because.. Hello… I’m a writer. Later on yesterday, I found myself fidgety and bored. I had free time and no idea what to do with it. So I picked up a book. (Woah what…)

This Lent, and hopefully on into life, I will put down my phone and look up. I will engage in conversation with the people around me because humanity is beautiful and everyone has a story. I will tell those stories. I will spend more time reading or outside or socializing with friends because that’s what we are supposed to do. We are communal creatures, I have said that before. But, our community is not meant to be played out on a screen.

Over these next 40 days, I will go social media free and seek after my relationship with Christ. I challenge you to do the same.


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